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Art and Design

Our art and design learning is inspired by our books which we study or our humanities units and has been carefully planned to explore a range of skills, a diverse array of artists and art movements whilst covering the national curriculum.

Art and design is typically explored at the beginning of each new book or humanities unit, it is used as a ‘hook’ to inspire and build on the children’s growing understanding. Each year, we ensure the children access a range of different artistic skills as; painting, drawing, printing, weaving, sculpture and sewing to name some. We nurture these skills year upon year, ensuring that the children have the ability to grow their skill set but also their creativity.

As a school, we identify the ever-changing art world and importance of using responsibly sourced resources to create our art and design pieces. A vast array of our art and design outcomes use recycled goods to create the artwork. Every term, each year group also focuses on designing and making artwork using resources from our forest area and techniques that compliment these pieces.

As the children move through the school, we encourage the children to think more critically and develop a deeper understanding of art and the history behind what they are producing. This is done by artist studies where the children reflect on the artist’s work, identifying skills used by the artist and then imitating or using aspects of these in their own piece. We also look at key movements and the historic and cultural developments that remain at the core of these movements, to not only understand the artist but the time, emotion and societal aspects that accompany artwork.

Children at JKPS, become proficient in drawing, painting, sculpture and other art techniques while also learning how to evaluate and analyse creative works, using the language of the artistic world.

Celebrating Creativity

At Judith Kerr, we believe that it is important that children feel pride in their artistic outcomes and that these are celebrated by all. We do this in a number of ways including displays, showcase afternoons and mini-galleries. Further to this, at the start of each academic year, the children are welcomed to school with an art and design week. During this week, the children spend the week creating artwork linked to a whole school topic which we display annually, at our school art exhibition. At this event, parents and carers have the opportunity to purchase their child’s framed artwork.

Visit our picture gallery to see more of the children's artwork.

JKPS Art Curriculum Overview

National Curriculum for Art