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Outdoor Learning

Outdoor Learning at JKPS allows children time and space to explore and develop their learning styles. It lets our children develop a relationship with the outdoor environment, through frequent and relevant experiences.

Our aim is to encourage independence, and raise self-esteem within our children. It offers opportunities to develop thinking, speaking and problem-solving skills through small achievable tasks such as bug hunting, leaf matching, mud painting and den building.

The JKPS Early Years team facilitate activities in this safe learning environment, allowing freedom, exploration, and play.

All sessions follow a routine, starting and finishing at a log circle called base camp. This is the central meeting point where information about the environment and activities are discussed. Base camp is also where children may be called back to at various points during the session in order to review their learning that has taken place.

Eco Schools

Outdoor learning is a vital component in our approach enabling children to make the necessary connections between maintaining and enhancing their environment with a sustainable future. We use the school forest and garden for a range of science lessons, both things we can walk to and do not need to use transport for.

We are very proud that our approach has earned us an Eco Schools Silver Award. We are committed to sustainable development and believe it is important to prepare our students for the future.

Sustainable schools engage young people in their learning, thereby improving motivation and behaviour which in turn promotes healthy school environments and lifestyles. We have a termly target that we all work towards such as saving energy by remembering to switch off lights as we leave a room.