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Our Curriculum

At Judith Kerr Primary School, all pupils are immersed in a creative curriculum that is rich in language and provides learning experiences which promote high levels of pupil engagement, inclusion and achievement.

We have developed our own challenging and relevant topic-based curriculum that enables children to learn in a cohesive and evolving way. They are inspired to learn through exciting, meaningful cross curricular lessons.

We are committed to providing each child with specialist teaching of the German language and its culture in a diverse, multi-lingual environment. Our curriculum celebrates the diversity of our community and draws upon its skills, knowledge and cultural wealth. Our aim is to support the children’s spiritual, moral, social and cultural development, ensuring they are well-prepared for life in modern Britain and beyond.

At Judith Kerr Primary we are determined to unlock each child's potential, regardless of their starting points, helping them to flourish and equipping all children with a love for learning that will last them for life.

We have high aspirations and expectations for all pupils, personalising the support provided to develop each child's confidence, self-esteem and individual talents. Children are encouraged to work collaboratively and become flexible, adaptable learners who can work together towards a shared goal.