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We believe that music is an essential part of a broad and balanced education. We offer an exceptional spectrum of musical opportunities at JKPS, supervised and led to the highest standard. Our music provision is taught by Southwark Music Service.


Southwark Music’s Curriculum provides every child with the skills and opportunities they need to fulfil their creative music making. We aim to promote a strong love and curiosity of music by exposing children to a wide range of inspiring music/musicians from many different cultures and developing key skills for their own music making. These include singing and using the voice expressively, playing instruments, improvising, composing, reading, pitch/rhythm notation and collaborating with others. By the end of KS2, children have used all of these skills to make high quality music and have confidence performing to their peers and the wider school community.


Southwark Music’s Curriculum is inclusive and routine driven, each lesson following a formula of ‘warm up, songs, pitch and rhythm exercises, main activity, and listening and responding to recorded music’. It is based on the National Curriculum for Music, Kodaly Method, and recommendations from the Voices Foundation. There is a clear progression through all year groups with knowledge, skills and musical vocabulary reinforced and expanded upon.

The curriculum is taught by a tutor with specialist subject knowledge in weekly lessons in a dedicated music room and support is offered by classroom teachers and support staff.


Through ongoing formative assessment and questioning, children’s musical responses are assessed  with meaningful, specific ‘live’ feedback. Each Curriculum unit culminates in a performance, either to their peers or the wider school community, these form the basis of effective summative assessment and provides the children with an opportunity to demonstrate their learning.

JKPS Music Curriculum Overview 

National Curriculum for Music

Music at JKPS